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What is ShuttleBay?

ShuttleBay is a fun and interactive platform that helps Web2 & Web3 brands build a more authentic, engaged and connected community, while organically growing their social media channels online.
ShuttleBay has a strong focus on the social aspect of community building by connecting brands and consumers on a deep emotional level. The software is simple to onboard, thanks to its industry leading user experience. With ShuttleBay, community members and content creators are recognised for contributing to their favourite brands, through instant rewards and unique experiences. Brands can easily identify their top contributors through leaderboards with built-in smart logic and analytic capabilities that cover all user journeys. They can also plan ahead and easily schedule their social rewards campaigns through the software.
Our platform is used by some of the industries largest brands, including Warner Records, Jarritos, CyberKongz, Army of Fortune, PG, Imaginary Ones & HAPE.

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