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On-boarding your Community Members

Proposed Discord Set-up.
Create a Discord Channel Name: “ShuttleBay Info.” Proposed Write Up: 🚀 Introducing ShuttleBay:
ShuttleBay is an innovative software created by Fusion XYZ, designed to recognise and reward our most engaged social media followers while ensuring crucial company updates are easily accessible across our digital platforms.
Understanding Social Points: Social Points (SP) are the metric we utilize to distinguish our most valuable contributors to our online presence. As a top contributor, you become eligible for special rewards, courtesy of the dedicated team at Fusion XYZ and Enter Your Brands Name! The Purpose of ShuttleBay: Our goal is to express our gratitude to our most devoted supporters by giving back to our community. ShuttleBay enables us to identify and reward your valuable contributions in a fair and transparent manner. Getting Started with ShuttleBay:
  • Access ShuttleBay via this link:
  • Link your Twitter and Discord accounts.
  • Navigate to "Bounties" to view all of our tweets.
  • Engage with the tweets to accumulate SP.
  • Keep an eye on the leaderboard and aim to rank high! Join us on this exciting journey and become an integral part of our thriving community! 🌟 Example Discord Communication: